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    Family UK
    Many videos that go back to the 1960's

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    Friends UK & Aussie
    Friendship that has spanned the World

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    Business UK & Aussie
    Out of little Acorns Mighty Oak & Gum Trees grow

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    Rotary Club
    Ordinary people doing extrordinary things

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    Probus Club
    Retired Gentlemen

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    Freemasons at Masonry
    Charitable Freemasons

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    Sailing The World
    The Passion & Excitement of Sailing Yachts

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    Sailing The World
    The Passion & Excitement of Sailing Yachts

This is a storage website of video links that can be accessed on above linked pages, they have been created due to many requests from family, Friends, Rotary Club members, Sailing & Business colleagues in the UK and Australia to have access to viewing the huge stockpile of films that I and my father have accumulated over the past 50+ years.

Many video's were recorded many years ago with cameras that are now regarded as old antique recording equipment i.e. Standard 8 & Super 8
(8mm cassette film) no sound.
Sound was later transferred from a tape-recorder via a bias-stabilizer onto the film strip,
Much of the older film (before 1980) was found hidden- away in the loft and because of the exposure to heat, cold & damp many cassettes deteriorated and needed special colour enhancing,

photo of Colin Davies, Nan & Granddad

The photo on the right was taken at our daughter’s wedding, roll your mouse over the picture or touch the picture to show our sincere comments.

The videos on this website are streamed FREE to watch from YouTube, YuDu, etc,

Occasionally you will notice changes to this website as more film are added. Hope you enjoy!.

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